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With the warmer summer weather, I’ve been enjoying the outdoors a little more walking around the neighborhood, doing some gardening, and just enjoying what I can of those (sort of) warm Chicago summers (not quite the same as toes-in-the-sand-tropical, but I’ll take what I can get!) The audio I’ve been tuning in to is amazing because their focus is on giving value first, but the business owners are also using these private podcasts as lead magnets to grow their subscribers.  If there’s one thing that we’re reminded of again and again in our business, it’s to lead with value and build your list. 

What is a Private Podcast?

Hello Audio is a simple way to host audio content. It was created by Dr. Lindsay & Derek Padilla, and Nora Sudduth as a software where users can upload their audio or video files and have them stripped into audio-only formats so they are playable by their listeners anytime anywhere. 

Lindsay explains she was inspired to create Hello Audio after she had spent years in the education and online course space. She found a lot of users simply weren’t finishing their courses and started to ask the question, “why?” The answer, it turns out, was that the material wasn’t delivered in a user-friendly format. Videos required users be tethered to their screens and books or printable PDFS just became cumbersome. We are a society on the go, and our content should be too.

Hello Audio allows content creators to select their feeds, or podcasts, to be either public or private. Public feeds mean the audio appears alongside other searchable files in Apple Music or Spotify; there is no restriction as to who can access or listen to the material. Private podcasts, on the other hand, are blocked from search engines and public databases. The only way to access them is by sharing a unique link. This makes creating private podcasts as lead magnets a great way to build your subscriber base. 

How Can I Use Private Podcasts as Lead Magnets?

There are several ways you can use Hello Audio’s private feeds from adding audio-only modules to your courses, supplementing your coaching sessions with audio downloads, and enhancing your membership with exclusive content offered on audio.

My favorite way to utilize private podcasts has been using them as a lead magnet for my business. In 2022, I hosted two audio summits for my business and my list has grown exponentially, more than it ever has with PDF downloads. Overall these have been so successful because over 70% of your audience is now on mobile devices, and they are looking for content they can consume easily and implement into their business. 

Other ways you can use private podcasts as lead magnets include 

  • Reading a chapter of an audiobook and making it available to download for subscribers with a link to purchase the remainder of the book.
  • Offering guided meditations, guided EFT, or a similar practice as a private download if you are a spiritual or holistic health practitioner.
  • Recording yourself giving a training (make sure there doesn’t need to be a strong visual component since you’ll be audio only); you can even upload the video itself and the Hello Audio software will strip it into an MP4 format for you. 

What Are Some Examples of Private Podcasts as Lead Magnets?

There are some amazing entrepreneurs who are already using private podcasts as lead magnets for their businesses.

Angela is the founder of the Movement Online Academy. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve tried some of those exercise classes and online videos where I try to follow along and I’m so busy watching the instructor and then trying to either look down at myself or check my posture in the mirror, the next thing I know I’m falling all over myself!

Anglea has just used the power of the private podcast, Flexibility, Freedom, and Flow, so her subscribers can simply listen to her voice and be guided into movement without being distracted by a model to follow. Her download helps with coordination, balance, and posture to alleviate discomfort, enhance resilience, and improve strength. 

Janelle understands firsthand what it’s like to recover from a brain injury and reinvent yourself, so she’s made it her mission to work with those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, concussions, or similar traumas. She’s a coach who “gets it” and knows that there are learning differences, but also a swell of emotional, physical, and financial pressures to go along with it.

Her audio download addresses Six Mistakes to Avoid when Recovering and Reinventing Yourself from Brain Injury and it’s ideal for her audience who may struggle with screen time.

Karrie Bhurgari - Launch Made Simple Audio Summit

I had such a great time producing the audio summits because I was able to connect with some amazing entrepreneurs in a way I wouldn’t have normally. I got out of my comfort zone and conducted a conversational, interview-style podcast with them. It was a great way to break the ice and approach people I might not have had an occasion to reach out to in another circumstance, and now I have an extended network of referral partners so I can be a connector in my business which is a great feeling.

I also loved the ease and simplicity of hosting an audio summit from a tech standpoint so much that I decided to offer this as a service within my business for anyone who decides to offer this as a lead magnet. I have more audio summits planned this year, so stay tuned for registration information coming your way!


More and more people seem to be hopping off social media whether for a season or longer. Look around, and I’ll bet many of the influencers you were following have static posts or pinned posts on their feeds announcing they are taking a break from social. Many just aren’t getting the reach, engagement, and growth like they used to and they are getting burnt out posting on the ‘gram all the time.

The reality is you need a sustainable way to build your business and grow your relationships with your audience. Private podcasts as lead magnets can fill the need because you are meeting your audience where they are on their mobile devices and making your content accessible to them. If the tech piece of all this makes you a little nervous, let me build your audio lead magnet. Book a call with me and let’s talk about your lead magnet ideas. 


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