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As far back as I can remember, I have loved quizzes. I remember quizzes in my teen magazines as well as my home decor magazines. I loved paging to the back to get the results. They always seem to pick the right one! Now that quizzes have moved online, I am still just as addicted, but they feel more interactive rather than just a piece of paper. AND that is one of the amazing benefits of a quiz as a business owner.

Quizzes are the new kid on the block as far as lead magnets go and are still underutilized. Because of this ability to interact and personalize them to your audience, you can connect with more like-minded people than ever before. People who love your quiz will love you and your content! People who are engaged with you are exactly who you want on your email list.

How to grow your email list with a quiz

Interact Quiz Maker

That is why when Interact contacted me to partner with them, I jumped at the chance to teach others about using quizzes for growing your email list. Interact leverages the power of quizzes for business owners to assist in generating leads, driving traffic and segmenting your business’ audience. The first questions that came to my mind were, What am I going to make a quiz about and HOW am I going to make those SPOT ON quiz results??

Interact to the rescue here! They have a ton of pre-made quiz templates to choose from depending on your industry, what type of quiz or category.

First, choose what type of quiz.


Then choose your template.


Then choose the category: assessment, personality, or scored.


For example, you can choose anything from “Do You Know NFL Trivia?” (nope) to “How Old Are You Really?” (NOT telling). If you need some help, they provide some helpful resources like How to Make a Personality QuizYou can then brand them and add them to your website easy-peasy. Or, if you don’t find one to meet your needs, you can make one from scratch which is what I chose to do.

The Strategy of Quizzes for Growing Your Email List

But before starting to make your own quizzes for growing your email list, you need to create a strategy. For this, I love the Stephen Covey quote, “Begin With the End in Mind.” Have a brainstorming session and create a plan for moving your quiz taker down your funnel. Where do you want them to end up? Then work backward as to how you will get them there. It is this idea that helps when creating the types of questions and results for your quiz.

Write the questions and answers first before entering them into the quiz template. There are so many other things to do, like add branded colors and fonts, images, etc. that this just takes away some of the overwhelm. Interact makes this all very easy to do, it’s just you don’t want to overwhelm yourself doing it all at one time.

You will also write the results of your quiz when you are creating a quiz from scratch. The results of the quiz are where you will have your Call to Action. What do you want your audience to do next? Have them sign up for something that will solve a problem. Have them sign up for a freebie of some sort, like a worksheet, email challenge, webinar, etc.

As a Social Media Manager, I recently decided to niche down to a Pinterest Funnel Strategist. I love Pinterest and know that it is an often misunderstood platform. So I took this opportunity to find out how much my audience actually knows about Pinterest. I chose to ask questions that I get asked a lot as well as a variety of questions to find the level of Pinterest knowledge my quiz takers have.

interact quiz results

Audience Segmentation in Your EMail List

The other option that quizzes offer is segmentation. Again you need to add this to your strategy of how you are going to segment your audience. What will be the result of your segmentation? Why is it important to segment in the first place?

The goal of my quiz is to grow a targeted email list of Pinterest users. From a previous opt-in on my website, I have a varying audience with different needs. By taking my quiz, I will be able to gauge the level of interest and knowledge in Pinterest and I, in turn, will provide the appropriate results and education based on that result. That is the key to segmenting your audience.

interact quiz results email mapping

I can then send a more personalized follow-up email sequence based on the results. These targeted emails have, on average, 152% higher open rates than traditional emails. WOW! This is THE opportunity to further educate and nurture your audience. The end result of a funnel then is sales and you have used the quiz as a way to narrow down your audience to sell the right product that solves the problem of the user that you segmented. Genius!

How to Deliver Quizzes For Growing Your Email List

How the opt-in and email is delivered is your choice. Interact integrates with a huge list of email marketing providers. I started with MailerLite and then switched mid-quiz creation to ConvertKit. Not a great idea since it caused more work for me, but both integrations worked smoothly. Just copy and paste API keys and instant integration. With ConvertKit, I then created 4 different tags depending on the results of the quiz to segment my audience by their knowledge of Pinterest.

interact email integration


I added the quiz to the top of my website as well as embedded the quizzes into previously written blog posts about Pinterest. Interact makes this part so easy because they created a plugin and provide detailed instructions on How to Embed Your Quiz on Any Website.


interact quiz promotion



As of yet, I don’t have results since I just started, but I will update this post in 30-45 days with my data, so be sure to pin it for later.

Experience the Power of Quizzes for Yourself!

How much will all this cost?? Interact has a free tier and with their other plans, they offer 14 day free trials.

Since quizzes for growing your email list are all the rage right now, I highly suggest you give it a try. These can be an effective part of your sales funnel strategy. Bonus: The cost per subscriber will be ridiculously low, not to mention how fun it is to create a quiz. Quizzes are addicting and you can go on to create as many quizzes as you like. It’s that easy.

When thinking of new ways to engage your audience, gain new email subscribers, and learn the knowledge levels of your target market, quizzes are emerging, though still underutilized, a tool to add to any digital marketer’s (or VA’s!) toolkit. Quizzes are fun and interactive ways to learn more about your audience and promote your (or your client’s) brand. To see exactly how a quiz works and to test your knowledge of Pinterest, I invite you to take my quiz now and find out How Much Do You Know About Pinterest?

[interact id=”5b81cd9049447d00147e02c7″ type=”quiz”]



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  1. What a helpful post! I’ve always been a fan of quizzes, but I definitely never thought about creating one for my business. Meanwhile, as a Pinterest manager, it’s reassuring that I did well on the quiz!

    1. Glad to hear you did well on the quiz! Thanks for taking it. Quizzes are so much fun as well as growing your email subscribers as long as it’s targeted to your end result. I definitely urge you to create one!

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