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Are you tired of hearing all of the horror stories any time someone starts talking about launching? Maybe they start by telling you how exhausted they are since they haven’t slept for days? Or they dive into play by play details about all the tech nightmares that inevitably happen? What if I told you that for your next launch, it was entirely possible for you to launch with ease and simplicity – maybe even have a little bit fun! It’s possible with an Online Launch Manager at your side!

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What is an Online Launch Manager?

What exactly is an Online Launch Manager? When I started my online business journey five years ago as a Virtual Assistant or VA, I was spending a lot of my time educating people about what we did as virtual support professionals. Often people would post in Facebook groups, “Hey, I need a VA to design my website!” ,“I’m looking for a savvy VA to hook up my email or post my images on social media.”

I would take the time to comment that these were not really VA’s; these were really website designers, a tech VA, or someone who was well-versed in email setups, or a Social Media Manager. By trying to use the VA term so generally, they were either unaware of the specialization needed, or they were trying to undervalue what they really needed.

As online entrepreneurship has evolved, the positions and phrases we use have become more specific: VA, DOO – Director of Ops, OBM – Online Business Manager, you get the idea. When I posted last week that I finished the Legendary Launch Manager Certification, it naturally prompted some questions about what exactly is an Online Launch Manager.

Many Roles Must Be Filled to Run a Successful Launch

If you’ve ever launched a product, a course, or a high-ticket coaching program, then you already know how much goes into a launch, or maybe not, depending on if you’re just getting started. You could need a Copywriter, a Graphic Designer, someone who is able to manage all the tech, someone who can edit your videos, possibly a Social Media Manager to post on your social media channels and manage engagement, and someone to run your Facebook ads.

In other words, it takes a team.

And so that is what a Launch Manager does. A Launch Manager will create your launch plan in a project management system, like Asana or ClickUp, and actually manage all the people so that you don’t have to. This allows you to show up for your launch with all the energy you need, instead of being exhausted from managing all the people, dealing with tech mishaps, and being stressed about deadlines.

As a rule, there will be one thing that will go awry during a launch just because there are so many people and so many moving parts. But you can show up and do the Facebook lives, host the webinar, the Instagram stories, or whatever needs to be done with full energy because you’re rested knowing that an Online Launch Manager is taking care of the team management for you.

Your Current Team

And so now you might want to know, might be wondering how does a Launch Manager compare to a team member like your VA, PM (Project Manager), OBM, or DOO.

Now there are similarities, your OBM runs your business day to day including your systems, your DOO manages your team, and your PM is skilled at creating beautiful project plans and implementing them. And, of course, the tech VA has the ability to do some tech maintenance on a website, set up Zoom meetings or webinars. In other words, there may be some overlap in skills.

Online Launch Manager = Your Strategic Partner

Ask yourself the following questions when considering whether or not to invest in an Online Launch Manager or just work with the team you currently have in place:

  • Do they understand launch strategy and management? 
  • Can they determine the best tech stack you need to execute your launch? 
  • Can they oversee the team you have in place? 
  • Do they understand launch conversion rates? 
  • Sometimes launches don’t go as well as planned; what skills or tools do they have in their “back pocket” they can use to support you in optimizing your launch?

Working with an Online Launch Manager is like investing in a strategic partner. They’re not just the manager. Remember, launching is a stressful period: there are so many people to manage, several different systems moving at different times whether it for a webinar or challenge, email for order fulfillment, the cart emails, payment processors, all of these things need managing to make sure that they go off without any hitch. 

What is an Online Launch Manager

Can’t I Just Do a VIP Day with a Launch Strategist and Get a Launch Plan?

The difference between a Launch Manager and a Launch Strategist is that a strategist only does the strategy. They will work with you to make sure that you have all the major decisions made on how you’re going to actually launch. What sales events will be best before opening your cart? Are you going to use a challenge? Will you be taking time to build your email list? Will you be holding a summit? Do you plan to incorporate a video series? Or will your launch consist of a simple email launch?

Your Launch Strategist helps you determine the strategy and the Launch Manager is actually the implementer who makes that happen. There can be crossover. You can read further in this blog post about the Difference Between an Online Launch Manager and a Launch Strategist

The Best of Both Worlds: Hybrid Launch Strategist & Manager

Some people are strictly Launch Managers. Some people are strictly strategists. Then there are people that can do both, which is what I do. A Launch Strategist will help you figure out what’s best for your business and will create the strategy. I’ve learned a lot with launch and funnel strategy from my mentor Julie Stoian, from Funnel Gorgeous.

You may have read my post about becoming a Certified Master Marketer and how I joined the ranks as a “triple threat” marketer certified in offer strategy, conversion copy, and design strategy. I have also taken several iterations of her Launch Gorgeous programs. These are live 12-week boot camp style cohorts focusing on different launch styles such as a traditional pressure launch (Fall 2020), an evergreen webinar launch (Spring 2021), a workshop launch (Summer 2021), and most recently an application funnel launch (Fall 2021). 

Each of these are valid ways to launch depending on your offer, your audience, and your preference. Within them are opportunities to grow your email lists, pitch to higher programs, recycle them throughout the year, and so much more. 

If you need help planning an upcoming launch, I’d love to talk with you to learn more. You can set up a call HERE. I offer VIP Days if you are in the stage of your business where you’d simply like to walk you through the strategy of your launch. Or, I can come in alongside you as your strategic partner and help you manage your next launch as a Launch Manager. 


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