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The online space is a noisy one with everyone claiming to know the best way to launch. The truth is, you can launch with ease once you find a strategy that works for you and your business. Luckily you can work with an online launch manager or launch strategist to help you along the way. 

Let’s start by explaining the difference between an Online Launch Manager and a Launch Strategist. Once you understand the unique skill sets each of these positions offers, you’ll know exactly who you need to hire to help you with your launch.

Prefer to learn about the difference between an online launch manager and strategist by watching a video instead? Check out my YouTube video below!

What's the Difference Between an Online Launch Manager and a Strategist?

A Launch Manager is a manager. They are going to take the strategy and execute it. They will not be making the decisions that the strategist will be involved in as they determine the type of launch plan that works best for you and your business. 

A strategist, on the other hand, will help you with which strategy will work for your launch. 

Why Work with Outside Launch Support?

How do you show up best?

After you’ve spent the time creating your perfect offer, you are ready to launch! There are many different launch strategies available, and the strategist will be able to pull those in depending on variables like the price point of what you are launching, the size of your audience, and the size of your team. Options might include a live webinar challenge, video series, summit, good, old email and social media launches.

Launch Manager or Launch Strategist

What tech do you have available?

A qualified Launch Strategist will help you determine, as the name implies, the strategy, to yield the best results for a successful launch. Another thing they will consider is the tech platforms you currently have in place, or what you might need to add prior to your launch.

For example, if you are planning to run a webinar, you might need to add programs to ensure you have the capacity to accommodate the expected number of webinar participants. Or if you are planning a summit, you might need much more support and a longer timeframe. Your strategist will help you to plan for these things.

What timeframe do you have?

The Launch Sstrategist will also help you plan out week by week what needs to get done. This becomes your launch plan, and it can vary in length anywhere from eight to twelve weeks, maybe even longer. The length of the launch plan depends on where you are in your business, whether or not you have launched before, and how much you need to grow your audience before launching (if you have time, Pinterest is a great way to get more traffic and leads to your business!). 

The average launch plan is eight weeks if you have launched before and all the launch deliverables are already created. Again, if you need time to grow your list or write additional copy, I would strongly suggest a 12-week timeframe. 

How much support do you have?

I never realized until I began launching my own products how much writing is really involved in a launch! Starting from scratch on your own there is a lot to be responsible for: write the webinar outline, webinars slides created, create the presentation, all the emails, registration pages, sales pages, and confirmation or thank you pages. So I would definitely encourage a longer timeframe initially if you are solo or have a small team.

If you are working with a team such as a Copywriter, a Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, Graphic Artist, or even someone who can help you with tech implementation, it can take a lot off your plate during a launch. 

As you are considering your next launch and bringing in a Launch Manager, what resources do they have to support you? 

The Online Launch Manager may have recommendations to guide you when it comes to answering how to write a webinar or structure a challenge for example. If you need contractors to come in, your Launch Manager will have a resource list or trusted referral partners; from a Facebook Ads Manager, Tech VA, graphics person, etc.

The Value of the Post-Launch

After the launch has ended, this is where the Launch Manager has the most value. They can meet with you (and your team) to review all the analytics to see where things went well and where they can be improved for the next launch. (I’m a self-proclaimed analytics nerd, I’ll admit. So I love to get into the numbers part of things!)

Did the sales page convert as expected? Was the webinar well attended? Did a lot of attendees sign up for the program and what was the conversion rate to sales? The Launch Manager will help to review all the numbers objectively.

It’s common in the online space to hear about seven-figure launches (or multi-six figure launches!) and become discouraged. 

The reality is, no one ever, at least I’m making this general assumption, launched for the first time and made a half-million dollars. The truth is they kept what worked and they improved what they could.

They kept on launching. Their audience grew and confidence grew. With each launch, they were able to add more bells and whistles. People who have those big launches have launched multiple times. It does become easier and more comfortable.

Where Do You Need Support With Your Next Launch?

I am currently offering Launch Intensive VIP days and would love the opportunity to speak with you about how we could work together to share your product or service with your audience. Do you need a strategist? You need a manager? Or like a hybrid person like myself who offers both services?

I’m able to create a launch plan in your project management tool of choice, hand it over for you to implement with your Virtual Assistant or Tech VA. Or if you prefer, I can support you with full launch management services. Let’s talk!


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