Ready To Make Your Launch Your Best One Ever?

Launch Your Course or Program With Simplicity & Ease


You started out strong with all kinds of ideas BUT...

like so many entrepreneurs, you have too many ideas and don’t know
which is
THE PERFECT ONE for your launch.  

Indecision may have you paralyzed and confused.  

Then overwhelm starts to creep in as you look at EVERYTHING that needs to get done.

The launch plan always looks easier, simpler, and more profitable
on paper than it feels when you get started.

It’s not only you! This is totally normal and happens to everyone
and there’s one simple reason why:

Launches are a circus … with five things all happening at once! 

You need a Ringmaster to bring your launch plan to life:
imagine coordinating the lions, the clowns, and staging the entrance
when you launch out of the cannon to make your perfect offer:

a combination of strategy and organization.


You need a plan

You need a detailed launch plan and a strategy that works for you.

Imagine having a master choreographer bring all the acts together at the right time, a Certified Launch Manager & Master Marketer to look at your plan to ensure you haven’t left anything out, that you have the right team members in place, hitting their cues, and not falling off the tightrope when you need them the most! 


My name is Karrie

I’m the Ringmaster who can help you execute your launch with ease. 

I’m a Certified Launch Manager and Master Marketer, currently making my mark on the internet as the CEO of KMB Digital Inc. 

I am also a homeschooling mom of 3 and have learned a thing or two about organizing, delegating, and minimalism! You’ll want my organizational skills and level of detail to design your launch plan so nothing is overlooked.  


Working with Karrie has made my life so much easier!

She is reliable, organized and has a keen eye for ways to broaden my audience and deepen my opportunities.
Jen Archibald

Here's How it Works

Step ONE

We’ll have a two-hour zoom call to work to plan your custom launch strategy. We’ll decide your initial launch sales event and the content for that event.

Step Two

Within the week, I will deliver your launch plan built in your favorite platform: ClickUp or Asana along with a video walkthrough of how to use it.

Step Three

You and your team (whether it’s a single Tech VA or a team of 5) will launch with ease like a well-choreographed ballet. Everyone has been briefed and came together to do their designated tasks so that you can show up with energy and excitement, ready to wow your potential clients and make more sales!

Step Four

Together we’ll do a post-launch debrief session that outlines what went well so that you can do it all again! We’ll discuss areas of improvement for the next launch, and how to make some bonus sales out of your non-buyers with some post-launch nurture and downsells.

I currently offer my launch intensive VIP days with info product creators interested in one of the following launch styles.

  • First-time BETA launches with products between $500-$2000
  • Open/close cart offers between $500-$3000
  • Pre-launch challenges, webinars, workshops, and audio summits

In addition to all that, I also offer these extras to my 1:1 clients:

My Little Black Book

My trusted resources: need help with copywriting, design, social media, tech, I’ll be sharing my list of go-to contractors that could help fill in those missing pieces without hiring a new team member. I’ll also be sharing my best resources if you need help creating a webinar, webinar slides, a challenge, a workshop, or micro-summit.

Content Calendar

Don’t know what to say or when to say it? I’ll share my content calendar to help you with social media and email prompts


My tracking spreadsheet so you can track sales and conversions

What They're Saying
“Karrie has completely surpassed all my expectations. Karrie has been an absolutely crucial investment for me and my business!”
Zahra Pederson
"Working with Karrie is amazing. She produces quality work, and is always positive and generous with her time, advice, and skills.”
Vanessa Ryan
Canva Designer
Karrie's attention to detail is awesome. She is "my brain" with all the other hats I have to wear in my business.
Becky Farrant
Essential Oils Coach

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Are you ready to share your program with the world? AND make some money?

Let's Do It!

I’d love to see what you’re up to and if I’m the right partner for you.

Before we schedule a date, you’ll get an email from me with some questions. 

If I don’t think we’re a good fit, you’ll get a complete refund. 

**What happens when you have additional questions after your strategy session? Or maybe want some 1:1 support during your launch itself?

Fear no more – you need to add on 1:1 Voxer coaching support!

For an additional $500, you can have two weeks of unlimited Voxer messaging support with Karrie, during business hours, Monday-Fridays.

Get direct, 1:1 help and support for your launch….you don’t have to do this alone!

**Payment plans are available. A $1,000 deposit is required to book a date and the remainder will be due before
our call together. 

GOT QUESTIONS: Send a message to

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