Gift Guide for Female Entrepreneurs

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Shopping for the perfect gift can be stressful and is another stress to add to your never-ending to-do list. But as a homeschooling mom with an online business, I know a thing or two about delegating and getting things done. To help you out (after all, that’s what friends are for!), I’ve created a gift guide for female entrepreneurs which is a list of my favorite things including my favorite personal development book list that I’ve read over the last year.

2021 gift guide for female entrepreneurs

Shopping is one of those things that has become so much easier with the help of my friend – Amazon Prime. If you are a mom with mom friends and you need gifts for your Mom, Mom-in-Law, Bestie, Sister-in-Law, etc. etc. Do you see the trend? You need this gift guide for the entrepreneurial moms on your list because face it, we’re taking care of everyone else and ignore our needs.  Help a gal out and help her, help herself. Self-care is this year’s mantra! We ALL deserve it!

Grab your drink of choice and get shopping! And pick something nice for yourself. 



You can never go wrong gifting a good journal. They can be used for so many things including your daily gratitude practice, reflecting, or as a travel or bullet journal. The possibilities are endless and this leather bound journal is gorgeous! 

Most women love a cozy blanket. Gift a neutral color and it can be used anywhere. If she’s your bestie, choose one that matches her office so she can snuggle up in her office with no worries of a child stealing it away! (I am not talking from experience or anything!) 

Most women love getaways, whether a lengthy vacation or a quick overnight. Either way, you can be sure they are packing their essentials with them. Skincare, makeup, toiletries, as well as anything the family might need. Honestly I keep this filled and hanging on the back of my bathroom door because everything is so neat and handy inside. 

This travel organizer is my favorite because  it has plenty of pockets, the surface wipes clean in case of any spills or drips, and it folds up into a zippered carrying case. Plus it comes in my favorite color! 

I love the wood grain/zen feel of this diffuser! I have one in our family room and my office since it looks prettier. Once you start using diffusers, you won’t stop! The air is purified, smells great, and is so much healthier than burning candles. (I never burned candles for almost 13 years while my kids were growing up for fear of knocking it over and starting a fire).

This diffuser holds up to 300ml of water and runs 4 – 10 hours. It also has an automatic power-off when water is used up as a safety feature. Pop in some Peppermint essential oil to brighten those eyes before working or to ward off the 4 pm slump.

This comes highly recommended in Tim Ferris’ book Tools of Titans and if Titans can use it, think of what it can do for a mompreneur! 😉 For back pain sufferers like myself, I am giving this one a try. It promises IMMEDIATE back and neck pain relief in as little as 20 minutes per day. Time to perfect the Pomodoro technique. I often don’t stop to take breaks and this would be perfect for break time.

This mat EFFECTIVELY induces a state of complete relaxation while reducing aches, pain, stress, and tension. RELIEVES not only back, neck, shoulder, and sciatic pain whether mild or chronic, but also relieves headaches. OTHER benefits include improved sleep, circulation, and mood as well as an increase in energy levels.  And check your healthcare reimbursement plan, this could be on there so you can get one for yourself. 


I love giving and receiving Amazon gift cards. I offer them as referral gifts to my biz besties and clients! Amazon has made it so easy to shop at home. It’s is a huge time saver when you have little kids and can’t run to the store. And not only does it save time, but you can also buy yourself exactly what YOU want!  No running to the store to return something. Plus you can give them to everyone on your list. 

You can send them via email to your friends or family far away, or they can send you the cards in a cute decorated box which saves you time from wrapping. And you can give them all year round too.


Tablets are amazing for so many things. Sure, phones are pocket-sized, but sometimes it’s nice to have a larger screen for viewing. 

I love my tablet for reading (see some of my favorite books below), but I’ve also learned I can’t live without it for videos, Pinterest, and some of my favorite games and apps. 

Tablets are so convenient and portable, it’s habit to bring them everywhere: tucked in a purse, stashed on the end table, placed by the bedside, or used in the kitchen for cook-along recipes. The problem is that makes them prone to drops and scratches. 

This case with a smart stand cover is a dream come true! I love how the back can be adjusted for different angles so no matter where you are working, your tablet is accessible and easy to view. Plus a cool place to keep all my laptop stickers without having to actually stick them so they can be used later. Comes in a variety of colors but I love the pink…my favorite color. It’s so pretty!

Being an online entrepreneur has its advantages but being on a computer for a long time can lead to eye strain, tired eyes, headaches, and migraines. Blue light-blocking glasses can help. While I already wear glasses, I have a special pair of prescription blue blocker glasses.  A friend of mine highly recommends these below that come with no magnification if you don’t need it or if you do, comes in a variety of strengths. These are stylish and also get great reviews.

Trying to do your job without the right tools is frustrating and time-consuming. One of the basic tools every entrepreneur needs is a Portable Cell Phone Tripod. This is perfect for doing Facebook lives,  Zoom calls with clients, or maybe you read my post about using video with Pinterest.  No more propping your phone up on a stack of books! (You better hide it if you have teens or get them their own because they’ll be stealing this one!)

If you are going to get serious about batching videos, you need to up your game with this much taller tripod! I set up my “filming studio” in an extra room in our house, but this does come with a case so you can easily fold it up and put it in your closet.

If you will be using it with your cell phone as I do, you need to get the Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter Cell Phone Holder Mount Adapter that will hold your phone in place.  It just screws into the tripod.

And I got this Bluetooth Remote Control, Camera Shutter with Bluetooth Wireless Technology. It’s compatible with Android or iOS so you can start and stop your recording or take selfies for those social media posts! 

If you don’t have the pretty office backdrop 😉 or in my case blue walls, you will find that an inexpensive backdrop does wonders and there are a lot to choose from. If you want a behind-the-scenes peek at how I have it set up, you can watch my video as I give the tour of our home office. I like this one because it is tall enough for me to stand and take some selfie pics too. There are different sizes to choose from and don’t forget to order the Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit with Carrying Bag, like I did! I currently have it being held up by push pins going directly into the wall!  Oops!

As an entrepreneur myself, I cannot get enough headphones. These have silicone earbuds for a secure, comfortable fit. I like these for calls with clients since I can still plug into my computer instead of going wireless! 

So this year I traded in my old Samsung Note for new S21 so I needed to wireless since they took the headphone jack away. I tried a connector and it was awful! If you can remember back in the day if your television had rabbit ears and you had to hold the antenna just the right way to get good reception…this was the same thing. Especially when working out so I gave these a try and I love them! The sound quality is excellent and they are perfect for working out. The charge lasts 12 hours, they come in 4 colors, and they won’t break the bank at under $50!

I have two things with me at my desk, a water bottle and coffee at all times. I get too involved with work or on the phone and then the coffee ends up cold or the water warm. Not anymore! Plus comes in a variety of fun colors. 

I love this one for coffee or tea. I am an essential oil user so I only use stainless steel and love that it includes a stainless steel straw for when I want to add a drop or two of lemon oil in my tea. And it’s insulated so it stays hot for hours.  No more microwaving for me!


It is key to read, meditate, and focus on not only your business goals but your life goals. These are a couple of books that I bought this year that I highly recommend. Although I am a bit old school and prefer a good ol’ paper book, the reality is, I don’t have the time to read a lot. My solution and lifesaver has been Audible.

I listen to books while I am driving (make sure they are kid-appropriate, I made that mistake more than once!) or walking on the treadmill. They also have children’s books too so everyone can enjoy an Audible membership (especially on long car rides).

If I REALLY LIKED a book that I listened to, I buy it to highlight and take notes. So this is my shortlist of MUST reads for any aspiring entrepreneur. And if you love to read like I do, you should check out my 2022 Summer Reading List for Business Owners which has 14 other business books you’ll want to add to your list!

EVERY woman entrepreneur MUST READ this book!  I loved everything about it and it really put a fire under me this year. This will be a book I read multiple times. I am not a person who dreams big. I am rooted in reality and this book got me thinking that all women entrepreneurs should be striving to be millionaires!  When women make money, they have power. And when women have power, they make a change for the better! 

So this year was a year of money mindset and this book I love for it’s tangible steps. Plus who better to learn from the daughter of one of the founders of H & R Block?? What a story she had. I’ve since gone on to listen to a another good book from her called Secrets of Six-Figure Women. 

LOVE the Budgetnista Tiffany. I told you I was working on money mindset this year!  This is a practical book with practical steps I wish I would have known 30 years ago.  She gives you her 10-step plan for finding peace, safety, and harmony with your money. YES!

When you are in business and at all stages of business, you will run into money demons so you need this book. I love Jen Sincero’s reading of this book. Her personality just adds another layer to this book. I would not listen with the kids around! 😉

I was a follower of James Clear when he first started writing about habits and so when he finally came out with this, I knew it would be good. James gives actionable steps so that you can build long-term habits. He shows you how to habit stack to build new habits and how to get rid of old ones. There are ACTIONABLE steps in this book that are doable because he breaks them down so well. I have read this book multiple times!

What are your go-to gift ideas for the various gift-giving holidays throughout the year?? I would love to hear what you would like to receive or the best gift you ever received. I am always looking for new book suggestions too! Leave your comments below.

Buy something nice for yourself too! 😉


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