Build Your Irresistible Offer in a Weekend

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Are you an expert in your field but your offers aren’t flying off the shelves? Or, maybe you know you don’t want to do 1:1 services your entire life, but you’re wondering what your options are? Sure, you’d like to build a course to create a passive income stream but, you’re procrastinating because you don’t know what you want to create. Add to that the struggle of actually having to market it all so you just don’t do anything. Well, you might just be in luck, because I know the secret to helping you build your irresistible offer in a weekend! 

You need clarity. I know. That vicious cycle has happened to me more than once (and it still happens!) But I’ve been using the tools in Offer Cure for a few years now, and it has been a lifesaver in helping me get clarity around my ideas, turning them into usable products my audience needs, AND making them attractive and profitable. 

Build Your Irresistible Offer in a Weekend

First, what is an offer?  An offer is HOW you show your customer that your product or service meets their needs. Sounds simple enough, right? If you’ve made the mistake of thinking that since you are a business coach, and people need help refining or marketing their business you have clients lining up, then you know there is more to it than, “If You Offer It, They Will Buy.” 

How Do You Make an Offer?

The Offer Cure can help! 

The Offer Cure was created by Julie Stoian and Cathy Olson, the geniuses behind the Funnel Gorgeous Brand. They joined forces to combine their talents in digital marketing and beautiful design, and have created a multi-million dollar marketing business built in only a few years.

It goes without saying, they know what they are talking about when leading other business owners to do the same!

In just two hours of videos, Julie and Cathy walk you through how to create an offer that has all the pieces you need to make it crazy good. Add in a catchy, memorable name, a beautiful logo, and product shots, along with a killer sales page that will make people clamor to buy your offer!  (It’s all included!!)

This isn’t any ordinary course with a lot of fluff. This is the down and dirty with logical steps, concrete examples, and super helpful PDF’s. 

How Do I Make My Offer Truly Irresistible?

It starts with getting clarity on who you are serving, what type of offer you want to create, and in what format. This is the most important piece in ANY type of work you do in your business: you have to have a firm understanding of who you are serving and what they think they need. This will drive all of your marketing decisions. 
In Workshop #1, Julie walks you through her famous “Rainbow Rule” so you’ll have a PROFITABLE offer planned and outlined. What’s the Rainbow Rule? It’s a way of knowing which pieces of your offer should be included so there is a variety of value – whether ebooks, checklists, calendars, assets, you name it. This module also includes a 13-page PDF of examples that you can customize for your niche. This is incredibly helpful when you are brainstorming. 
There’s a practical example as she puts together a how to create a tomato garden ebook. AND NO, she’s not a gardener, but she’s doing it to prove that you can create an offer around almost ANYTHING!  

How do You Write a Compelling Offer?

In workshop #2, Cathy, aka The Naming Wiz, helps you to create a catchy name and tagline, along with your promised result. This whole exercise builds off of Workshop #1 so you already have that laser-sharp focus on your “WHO” and what problem you are solving. You’ll be creating catchy names for the different pieces of your offer to make your offer memorable and appealing.

There’s an additional video to help you write your sales copy faster. The 10-page PDF that walks you through the process of writing a sales page is worth its weight in GOLD! I have mentioned before, in the Funnel Gorgeous Society Certified Marketer review, that copywriting is not my thing at all. The PDF walks you through every step of writing your sales page from the headline, to the announcement, benefits, features, FAQs, and more.

Don’t forget to build in urgency, and then sprinkle in social proof, testimonials, and more throughout the page. It’s all laid out for you!

How do You Make an Attractive Offer?

Workshop #3 is the Offer Branding Formula to help your offer look visually appealing. Admit it – you’ve seen sales pages with memorable names, cute logos, and beautiful offer shots and thought to yourself, “How am I going to do THAT?” Now you can… with everything from the Offer Creation Formula, Offer Packaging Formula, Offer Branding Formula, Offer Creation Template, Sales Copy Helper Guide, Offer Logo Templates, Offer Design Guides, and Offer Product Shots.

Who is The Offer Cure For?

Personally, anyone in business should be making offers to sell. But an all-in-one package like this is perfect for a procrastinator…. someone who has a million ideas in their head but keeps putting off actually sharing them with the world because they just don’t know how to pick which idea and then how to build it to be irresistible.   

This is also great for someone who might already have an offer or course (like me) that may need refining. It’s perfect to review what you already have and make sure it’s the best you can offer your audience, that it’s priced appropriately, the name is memorable, that all of the copy is on point, and your branding and images are set to sell. 

Did I mention there is a Productivity Hacks for Course Creators Bonus? This is gold! Julie actually goes behind the scenes and shares her own workflow giving secrets and shortcuts on how she creates her courses in literally half the time.  

This can be used again and again!  I guarantee it’s THE BEST $37 you’ll spend for your business. 



Once you execute and start running your funnel, you’ll want to get Funnel Rx. This is the next step in the funnel and the ultimate funnel-building masterclass!  Packed with information on the principles of funnel building, strategy maps for popular funnels depending on your business model, and a diagnostic spreadsheet to help you troubleshoot when something is amiss in your funnel. 

Then reach out to me so we can brainstorm the launch strategy you need to get your new course launched and into the hands of those that need your brilliance. Launching with increase your visibility, reach new audiences, and get enrollments for your new offer!! I offer VIP Launch Intensives as well as Launch Management if you want me to do all the work for you.


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