Meet KMB Digital, Inc.

Helping women entrepreneurs avoid the tech overwhelm so they can start & scale their business with ease.

How we got Started

When I made the decision to homeschool my three children, it was because I wanted to give them more. More of my time, more choices, more freedom, and more opportunities.

As they grew older, I knew I had given them more of my time, and I also knew they had plenty of freedom around our school schedule, travel, and curriculum. 

When I started my virtual assistance business in 2016, I realized I was giving my family choices in terms of our finances. And even more empowering was the fact that I was giving my daughters choices around their career opportunities. 

I was showing them that women could be entrepreneurs with limitless earning potential and still be home with their families. And also, that women could do hard things with ease. 

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How we got Here

Now in 2023, my daughters Zaina and Zoeya are joining me in KMB Digital and helping to create a legacy business.

They have been by my side as my business has evolved from Virtual Assistant, Tech VA, Social Media Manager, Pinterest Strategist helping business owners get visibility for their products and services, to Launch Manager where I’ve created and implemented launch plans, and I’ve been an OBM helping women scale their businesses with ease.

The common threads? 

  • Making tech simple
  • Organization of lots of moving parts
  • Visibility for your business
  • Helping women scale their business with ease

Over the years, I’ve noticed so many women stop at the thought of any one of these or a combination of them. 

Many come to me overwhelmed with tech, find organization is too hard, or live in a hot-mess of piece-mealed systems from when they were starting out.

I’ve heard of women afraid of being visible or they don’t have the systems in place to make it easy for them or their potential clients to find them. Some simply haven’t taken the time to automate their processes and systems allowing them to scale their businesses so they are continuing to stay stuck. 

Through KMB Digital, we offer simple solutions from tech and operations assistance to website development that will allow women entrepreneurs to have simple, easy systems in place so they have time to build relationships with others, get more visible, and create more impact. 

It’s become our mission to help women entrepreneurs ditch the overwhelm so they can start and scale their business with ease and create a life and legacy they love. 

Meet the Founder, Karrie


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Country She’d Most Like to Visit – Morocco

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Kind words from clients.

“Working with Karrie has made my life so much easier!”

“She manages my social platforms, my website, and my email list. She also led the transition of back-of-house systems so that it was seamless for the people on my list and customers. She is reliable, organized, and has a keen eye for ways to broaden my audience and deepen my opportunities. She has introduced me to systems and ways of working that have revolutionized my business, saving me hours of time each week. My business is significantly more sophisticated and targeted since partnering with Karrie.”

- Jen Archibald, Coach

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