You Want a Life & Business You Love. . .
Not One Filled with Tech Troubles
& Website Woes

We help women entrepreneurs ditch the tech overwhelm
that comes with scaling their business with ease.

Remember when you first thought about starting your business?

Everything made so much sense when you planned it out: you’d come up with a service or product, share it on social media, help some amazing clients, and start making money.

Somewhere along the way, things got complicated.

  • Once they found you on social media, they needed to connect with you on your website and schedule a call. 
  • And once you decided to work together, you needed to send a proposal, a contract and have a way to get paid. 
  • And if they didn’t want to work with you then, maybe they would stay on your email list so you could continue to build a relationship in case later would be a better time. 
  • Don’t even get me started on launches and all their moving parts!

But doing all of this manually is time-consuming, and tech can be overwhelming.

Sure there are ways to figure it out from blogs, YouTube, and courses. But the more you invest in learning how to DIY, the less time you have to do the things that are most important to you whether spending time with family, traveling the world, supporting clients, or being the visionary in your business.

There is a better way

Tech Services

Don’t let the tech hold you back!

Whether it’s launching a new program, nurturing leads with an email sequence, automating your processes, or building a funnel.

Custom Website Design

A website is your business’s home online!

Start with the essential pages optimized for your business and brand so potential clients can
get to know, like & trust you!

Hey there, I'm Karrie


As a home-schooling mom of three, I was dabbling in MLM’s and blogging, but it wasn’t bringing me the fulfillment I wanted as a woman or an entrepreneur. I didn’t feel I was able to contribute to our family in the way I wanted, I didn’t feel challenged, and I wasn’t impacting others the way my uplines had promised.

Seven years ago I made the decision to start my online business as a Virtual Assistant. I started to do meaningful work for others beyond our own household, and I’ll never forget the look on my daughters’ faces as they saw me behind the computer troubleshooting technical problems.

Over the years, my daughters began to ask more questions. Zoeya loves to design websites and code. Zaina graduated college with a degree in Communications and New Media!

Now, I’m excited to have them join me in my business.


Kind words from clients

” I appreciated her positive upbeat attitude through it all, her suggestions when
I felt like I needed the executive functioning help and her technical know-how.” 

Karrie helped me with so many tasks in my business, from small to daunting! She tracked down the answers
even when she didn’t have them herself and created just what I needed.
(Website and sales funnels built on FG Funnels at

– Marlena Del Hierro, Coach

It's so Easy to get Started


We’ll review the details and become clear on your goals and vision so we take your business exactly where you want to go.


Whether your needs are tech-focused or website centered, we’ll design a solution that provides an enjoyable experience for both you and your clients.


Take a sigh of relief and know you’re in good hands. Our team will get to work putting the design into action, and we’ll show you how it works!